Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Video Review published and Video Review changes

Hey there! For some reason, it took quite some time to get this video review up. However, we are very confident with it as the game definitely deserves every single bit of attention it gets.

We took this video as an opportunity to reform the style of our Value Review. The problem is that in formal reviews, people are less inclined to click on the review of a game if they’re uninterested in the game. However, if there is something else in the video like a happy and cheerful personality, people might just click on it for the personality itself. Due to YouTube algorithms, you need to make sure that as many of your subscribers watch your video and we hope to be able to show that by showing ourselves a bit on it as well.

Further, the main purpose of the value review is also going to shift a bit. Previously, we’ve mainly been making traditional reviews with a value evaluation tacked on. This is going to change from now on; value is our main priority. We want to achieve a much stronger unique selling point by focusing more on the value of the game itself. However you can avoid worrying, we’re still gonna be tacking on traditional reviewing. After all, we need to justify our score as well as our value.

Hopefully it turns out great and we hope that you leave us as much feedback as possible. It really helps to make our videos better and we’re always so happy when you do leave something for us. Anyways, enjoy the video and we hope to see you next time!


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