Dead Cells Critique

Hi, I’m SquidTheSid, and I review/critique games over on YouTube. I’ll be posting my videos and articles on this site from now on.

This is a critique of the mechanics and player experience in Dead Cells (as well as weapons, bosses, visuals, story, audio, etc.). In short, I’ve really enjoyed Dead Cells. I was expecting it to be an average Dark Souls clone, but it completely blew my expectations away (to the point where I think comparing the games directly does it a disservice). As a whole, it’s a very polished game, featuring a very fun movement system and an elemental combo system that encourages replaying the game. Its one big flaw is that it does get repetitive after a while, but that I feel like that is inherent to the genre.

So, a couple of things I didn’t mention in the video:

1). Elites. Enemies have a chance to be elite units. These units generally attack faster, teleport around, and have a lot more health. Overall, I like their inclusion as it makes runs feel more distinct and they add a nice extra layer of challenge to the game.

2). Cursed Treasure Chests. I too like Cursed Treasure Chests. The 10 enemy countdown you have makes for some of the tensest moments of the game and is a great example of the risk vs. reward theme the game has going on. I’m not sure why I forgot to put it in….

Anyways, I really enjoyed the game, and I think it’s definitely one that people should check out if they like roguelite games.


— By SquidTheSid

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