How to make Breath of the Wild boring

If you are like me, you have probably just started Master Mode and are thoroughly enjoying it. Replaying the game can even result in getting an entirely different experience from it, just by following a slightly different path. Master Mode even forces you to experiment by the virtue of enemies being tougher and your own arsenal being severely limited as mentioned in my earlier blog post.

However, you may be having too much fun with Breath of the Wild for your liking. You might want to play other games or maybe you really need to study for an upcoming test. There are a multitude of reasons why you may want to reduce the fun you’re having with a game. This is the reason why I’m going to tell you the ways on how to make Breath of the Wild boring.

Number 1: Only use your sword

Breath of the Wild gives you a vast array of abilities, weapons and environmental opportunities. However, it would be too much fun to try and clear out an enemy camp by knocking down a tree and rolling it down a hill. Another fun option would be to try to be as sneaky as possible, stealing the weapons of the enemies and clearing them out with sneak strikes. If you are even crazier you could try and throw chu-chu jellies into a camp and shoot arrows at those to unleash their special effects. All of these would be quite enjoyable though, so forget about them!

Make sure to avoid doing any of that. You are playing an action game after all and that means you need to run in with guns blazing and fight your enemies the traditional way. Your sword, your bow and maybe even your axe are all the tools you should always limit yourself to. Doing so is probably the fastest way to make you feel bored with Breath of the Wild.

breath of the wild boring (3)
If you are ever in this situation, you are probably having too much fun.

Number 2: Make sure to have a tunnel vision

Breath of the Wild is a huge open world game that lets you approach anything from any direction. However, you are ultimately focused on that one goal and you want to do it the one and only way you set out to do. Are you trying to climb up a cliff and it started to rain halfway through? Make sure to stay put and complain to your neighbours about the weather rather than trying to find another way up. You’ve already come so far after all, why let all the time you spent climbing up go to waste by searching for another route? Walking another way could also end up making you find something exciting! Since you want to get bored though, you need to avoid doing so at all costs.

This also applies to the game itself. Stop playing the way you feel like at a given moment. Force yourself to complete an objective, like exploring all the shrines, finishing all the sidequests and finding all the Korok Seeds. Make sure to do so in a very limited amount of time too. This is a sure-fire way to make the game as tedious as possible for you! You could even have a just reason for doing so. Maybe you are attempting to make a fair and honest review of the game or you have another reason why you want to finish playing as soon as possible.

breath of the wild boring (5)
Taking a short breath to look at a wonderful sunrise could make you enjoy the game more. Avoid doing that!

Number 3: Make the game as easy as possible for yourself

Imagine a movie, where the main character is so invincible (e.g. Superman) that he is never in any real danger. Every single fight he gets in therefore becomes pretty pointless to watch, since the outcome is clear right from the start. Now let’s try to achieve this in Breath of the Wild! First, enable all the Champions ability like Mipha’s Grace and Daruk’s Grace. Then, make sure to deck out on fairies. Visit each fairy spring after a blood moon to catch ‘em all! This way, dying becomes next to impossible and you are pretty much danger free!

Why stop there though? Make everything as easy as possible! You see those Lynels over there? Just take out your multishot-bow, headshot them with ease to stagger them, climb on their backs and then hit them durability loss free with your strongest weapon. Rinse and repeat and you have an easy way to kill the Lynels. That’s just one example. Have you learnt how to perfectly dodge all attacks from a Bokoblin and get into flurry rush? Just do that from now on. Avoid challenging yourself with other methods and forget about learning how to parry or fight them without flurry rush. To achieve maximum boredom, you need to make things as repetitive and mundane as possible.

Are you still struggling with enemies? Make sure to keep the food going! Pause the game and fill yourself up with the good stuff you cooked beforehand. After all, you want to avoid dying, since overcoming a challenge the hard way could be too much fun! This way, you will never learn how to fight your foes properly and your game will be equivalent to button mashing. This also gives you the desired benefit of getting you to grind more for ingredients and to spend more minutes cooking. All of these are time well spent being bored!

breath of the wild boring (4)
Killing Lynels is pretty easy with a multi-shot bow.


To sum things up, to make the game as boring as possible, you should stop experimenting, avoid any challenges the game offers and make sure to overly focus on minor parts of the game.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and got some useful insights out of it. Maybe you actually just like the game how it is and just enjoy reading about it; maybe you actually want to increase the enjoyment you have in it in which case you should do the exact opposite of the things we’ve mentioned here. It might even be that this article is meant to be tongue-in-cheeck and is addressing criticisms some people have with the game. The world will never know.

All in all, thanks for reading and if you enjoyed the article, maybe come back to our site as we upload content sometimes. You could also go and vote on how much you would pay for Breath of the Wild or any other game, which is something you can do over here. We also have a YouTube channel, where we upload all of our game reviews to. The team would greatly appreciate you checking it out.


EDIT: Some people have mentioned to me that they felt like this article is written in a condenscending manner to people who have a good time with the game but do the things mentioned here. However, my opinion is the exact opposite of that. If you are having a great time with the game continue doing so and play the game your way. This is the exact beauty of the Breath of the Wild by letting you do whatever you please. What I was trying to state with the article is the following. If you are starting to get bored of the game then you should reconsider your playstyle. I would like to apologize here to anyone who felt unjustfully targeted by this article.

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