Nintendo Switch Online Detailed

At the Nintendo Switch briefing in January, Nintendo has announced that they will start charging for access to online services starting at the end of 2017. While this announcement has upset a large portion of the fanbase, many others understood its necessity, if Nintendo is to offer a service on par with the competition. At this point rumours of Nintendo’s service being priced much cheaper than Xbox Live or Playstation Plus calmed the fanbase somewhat.

Nintendo Switch Online

In comes Nintendo Switch Online, the official name of the Nintendo Switch Premium online service, which will be priced at $19.99 a year. The service will run online matchmaking and friend lobbies through a smartphone app, which will be available this summer, just in time for Splatoon. The payment requirement has also been delayed to 2018, giving you enough time to try out the service before you subscribe.

switch classic games

Regarding the classic games library, Nintendo has done away from the monthly available games and is now instead offering the whole library of selected games for you to use at your leisure. These games are currently limited to NES games only, but have added online functionality into them, which is a great feat in emulation. SNES games are also considered for the service in the future.

Finally, there will also be exclusive E-Shop deals available to subscribers, but we have yet to see how good those really are.

We ourselves are fine with it, as long as Nintendo actually gives us our money’s worth for the service. We hope that Nintendo will implement dedicated servers for their games, since the gameplay experience is greatly improved from the P2P connections used by most games currently. The pricetag of $19.99 a year is also fairly swallowable and is very competitive with PSN and Xbox Live. Most importantly though, what do you think of Nintendo’s new online system? Let us know in the comments right below!

For more information, check out Nintendo’s official page.

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This was definitely the right move for nintendo. It also leave it open for a more premium version that extends the “netflix” style game library to, lets say, nintendo 64 games and below, since I doubt they will be remaking those anymore. That way the base gives you a taste of the game library and nintendo gets some money for the upkeep of servers. Could be a win win situation.