Ubisoft’s entertaining E3 Lineup Trailer

Looking at Nintendo’s past successes with their entertaining E3 trailers like Fils-A-Mech for 2014 and Reggie quitting his job for 2015, Ubisoft seems to have taken note and made a trailer in a similar style themselves for this year.

Two things especially stood out to us, with the first one being the tiny message “We love you still Aisha!” that showed, when it was mentioned that the developers themselves will be hosting the Press Conference this year. If you are unaware of its meaning, the actress Aisha Tyler has hosted the E3 Press Conference for Ubisoft in the last couple of years, with an oftentimes mixed reception by the fans.

The second detail would be Yves’ Facebook post. We do hope, that you understand the meaning behind it!

ubisoft but we love you still aisha

The only question left to ask is, are you entertained?

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