New Commenting System implemented

Hello guys,

We have been using the Disqus commenting system for quite a while now and have been very happy with it. This changed when we implemented user voting. A user would then have to sign in twice on our site, once for commenting and once for voting. This is a barrier of entry to our community, which we really wanted to avoid.

This why we moved onto the wpDiscuz system. This allows you to only log in once to our site and enjoy all of its interactive content. While we are currently lacking some features present in the Disqus system, we are commited to building the commenting up further to be as robust and easy to use as any user would expect in a modern environment.

We are also building up a system to allow you to more easily customize your profile picture and are also looking into creating a user forum. There are a lot of cool things coming your way and we’re hoping you will come and check them out. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please throw them our way. Since we want to make this into something the community wants, we are very happy to listen.

Thanks for reading,


PS: Disqus also sneaked in ads on our site, which we completely missed! Guess that teaches us not to use adblockers on our own site….

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