Patch Notes: User Vote now capped at 125% of MSRP

Hello guys,

we are happy to announce that we now have over 250 registered users on our site and are just about to hit 500 user votes! We have analyzed the data somewhat and found it very interesting so far. It is in our intention to build more and more stuff around our website to make it as good and useful as it possibly can be. Any suggestions you throw at us are therefore greatly appreciated!

One of those was to increase the user voting cap, which would allow players to give positive feedback to games that they believe earned it. While we were hesitant at first, as it could encourage spamming very high votes thus defeating the point of the system, we believe a slight increase of 25% may do the job just fine. A title with an MSRP of $59.99 will now be able to be voted as being worth up to $74.99 for example! Our review values however will remain being capped at the MSRP of the game’s highest priced standard edition.

We hope to be able to continue to provide a system in which every single vote matters the same and accurately represents the user’s opinion. This is how we believe this site will be able to provide a useful resource for purchase decisions to all players out there.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this change.

All in all, happy voting and stay fresh!


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I was wondering if you guys were going to do something like this. There are some games that I have seen some people give praise of it being under priced, legend of the dark witch series comes to mind. (haven’t played it) Games like these will probably get more use out of this improvement. Bargain bin digital titles around 5 bucks that have enough content to be closer to 10 or 15 bucks. I like that your reviews are going to stayed capped however. Now if there is one thing that I think I would like to see, if possible,… Read more »


Yes, something like that can be done. The simplest thing would be to just take all the users that voted on the game and calculated the average of other games based on those users only. Very interesting and keep the suggestions coming! We will continue building the site and are looking for more and more opportunities to expand. These will take some time to implement, so stay tuned for all the things that are to come.