Patch Notes: Review Score Changes

As you may have noticed, we changed a couple review and value scores on our pages on some of our earlier reviews. We did so, since we now have narrowed in to what our scores really mean and want to adjust our earlier reviews to that.

With our old scale we were a bit too lenient on games that avoided overselling themselves and made us outliers when compared to other review sites. With our new scale, we compare much more strictly to other games at score at or above 85, which should make our review scores comparable to the general standard.

We want to give you a formally written out explanation of our score meanings soon. Here is a little sneak peak on how we do it though. Generally the score and value of games are determined seperately. What we do is compare the value of a game to games that we have reviewed previously and determine it from there. The same goes for the game and how good it is. For example, when a $15 game has the same score as a $50 game it usually means the following thing. On average over the game’s playtimes they are just as good. The $50 dollar title holds it up for a longer time than the $15 title though. A more detailed explanation will follow soon so stay tuned for that.

We want to make use of the whole scale as much as possible and are determined to make our scores really mean something.  In the future, we want to avoid changing up scores as much as possible, since that would crumble the prestige they hold. We believe that it is a good idea to do so now, since we have just been featured on OpenCritic and want to present ourselves very formally on there.

Thanks for reading, we have compiled a list of changes in the list below. It is our goal to make a fantastic game review website that people want to go on. If you have any feedback for us or have a feature idea we could implement, please let us know in the comment section, per Email or any Social Media channel.

  • Fast RMX

    Fast RMX’s score has been changed from 92 to 86. While it holds up well to what it promised and looks really good on the Switch. However, it falls a bit short when comparing it to other games in this score range.

  • Final Fantasy XV

    The game’s value was previously pegged and compared to GTA V. Since we are stricter with the value on remakes depending on the new stuff they added to the game, this comparison was made under a false pretense. FF15’s value therefore gets upped to $50 from $45.

  • Nier Automata

    We believe we chose the value of Nier Automata a bit too subjectively and therefore up it from $30 to $40.

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon

    Similar to Fast RMX, Pokémon Sun and Moon could be better in some aspects when comparing it to games in this score range. This results in us dropping to slightly from 92 to 89.

  • Oxenfree

    With our new rating, it once again could really do a bit better when comparing to a similar range of scores. Rating is therefore dropped from 88 to a still great 84.

  • Event 0

    Once again Event [0] shows some great strides and definitely belongs over 80 but needs to be dropped slightly when comparing it to other games in our updated system. Score is changed from 85 to 82.

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