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Since some people wondered how well we would be able to connect to the consumer in the long run, we decided to let YOU tell us what you think the value of the games are. Simply register on our site, which should be very easy with the implemented social login buttons.

You are then straight away able to enter how much you think the game is worth in the text field next to the average user value. Your value will then be added to this average.

Your user vote is limited to a maximum of the game’s MSRP in USD and to minimum of 0 dollars, so no “The developer has to pay me to play the game” shenanigans. 😉

With this system we hope to be able to provide a useful and also fun tool to you, which should also work with games we happen to skip reviewing. We are looking to continuosly build our site (Kaisernik knows his way around the code!) and would greatly appreciate any suggestions or feedback!

Check out the picture below to see what the voting process looks like, once you are logged in.

user value entering

Our Reviews

Our mission is, to not only review the games fairly and give you an honest opinion in form of a score out of 100, but to also tell you at which price the game is worth buying for. Games can be expensive, and some games even though they are good, may be quite short or have another reason why you may want to wait a bit until the game becomes cheaper. That is why we give a price recommendation to a game, at which it becomes worth a purchase. So if you are a patient gamer on a budget, we are your guys!

We would now like to explain how we determine the value of the game. We cap the value of the game at the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) of the most expensive Standard Edition of the game. Our perceived value of the game is then determined by the quality, the potential playtime, technical performance and potentially other characteristics of the game. This allows us to decouple the review score from the price of the game.

With this we can give games that focus on quality more than game length a better score, while still taking their worth to the consumer into account. We hope to give you great reviews, that suit you, your playstyle and your spending habits. We are looking forward to your visit.

Stay fresh and best regards!

The Red Value Gaming Team

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